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Socket Range

The most important reasons for the increasing use of socket head cap screws in industry are safety, reliability and economy. All three reasons are directly traceable to the superior performance of socket screws vs. other fasteners due to their superior strength and advanced design.

Socket Head Cap Screw

A socket head cap screw is a type of fastener that has a cylindrical head with a hexagonal socket. It can be tightened or loosened with a hex wrench or a socket driver. Socket head cap screws are made of various materials and have different surface treatments, depending on the application. They are commonly used in places where there is limited space or clearance, as they do not require external tools to fit into the head. Socket head cap screws offer high tensile strength and fatigue resistance, making them suitable for demanding applications such as power plants, hydraulic systems, and plastic injection molds.

Countersunk Allen Screw

A CSK allen screw is a type of screw that has a hexagonal socket on its head and a flat surface on its bottom. CSK stands for countersunk, which means that the screw can be inserted into a hole and be flush with the surface of the material. The hexagonal socket allows the screw to be tightened or loosened with an allen key, which is a tool that has a hexagonal shape at one end. CSK allen screws are used for various applications, such as woodworking, metalworking, marine, and general corrosive environments.

Socket Set Screw

A socket set screw is a type of screw that has no head and is fully threaded. It has an internal hexagonal or Allen drive that allows it to be tightened or loosened with a hex key or Allen wrench.Socket set screws are used to secure an object within or against another object by creating friction between the point of the screw and the contact surface. For example, a socket set screw can be used to lock a pulley or a gear on a shaft. There are different types of socket set screws with different point styles, such as cup, flat, cone, oval, dog, and knurled.

Button Head Cap Screws

A button head cap screw is a type of fastener with a cylindrical head and a hexagonal socket drive. It has a wider bearing surface than a standard socket head cap screw, which makes it more resistant to loosening and provides a more aesthetic appearance. Button head cap screws are commonly used in applications where there is limited space or clearance, such as in overhead compartments or furniture. Button head cap screws are made of various materials, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, or titanium, depending on the corrosion resistance and strength required. Button head cap screws are also known as pan head or dome head screws, and they conform to different standards, such as DIN 7380 or ISO 7380.

Button Head Screw

Allen Key

A hexagonal wrench, also known as an Allen wrench or hex key, is a hand tool used to drive screws or bolts with a hexagonal socket drive. It consists of a metal rod or L-shaped piece with a hexagonal-shaped tip at one or both ends. Hexagonal wrenches are designed with a six-sided (hexagonal) tip, which matches the shape of the socket drive on screws or bolts. This shape allows the wrench to engage securely with the fastener, providing a reliable grip for tightening or loosening.  Hexagonal wrenches are commonly used in various applications, including furniture assembly, bicycle maintenance, automotive repairs, electronics, machinery, and other tasks that involve hexagonal socket fasteners. They are especially useful for fasteners in tight spaces or recessed areas where other tools may not fit.