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Structural Fasteners

High Strength Structural Bolts

High strength structural bolts are special types of fasteners that are used to connect structural elements in bridges, buildings, and other structures. They are made of high-strength steel or alloy steel and have a large bearing surface to withstand high pressure and friction. They are usually used with heavy hex nuts and conform to specific ASTM standards. High strength structural bolts are also known as high-strength friction grip bolts (HSFG).

High Strength Structural Nuts

High-strength structural nuts are specialized fasteners designed to complement high-strength structural bolts in demanding structural applications. High-strength structural nuts are typically made from strong and durable materials. These materials possess the necessary strength and toughness to withstand high loads and resist deformation.Structural nuts are used in preloaded and tensioned applications. They are tightened to a specific level of tension, creating a clamping force that helps maintain the integrity of the connection and resist loosening under applied loads or vibrations.High-strength structural nuts are critical components in structural assemblies, providing the necessary clamping force and maintaining the integrity of connections. When used in conjunction with high-strength structural bolts, these nuts contribute to the overall strength, stability, and safety of structures such as buildings, bridges, industrial equipment, and more.

High Strength Washer

High-strength washers, also known as structural washers , are specifically designed to provide increased strength and durability in demanding structural applications. These washers are used in conjunction with high-strength bolts and nuts to distribute loads, reduce the risk of bolt or nut damage, and enhance the overall structural integrity. These materials offer increased strength, hardness, and resistance to deformation under high loads.High-strength washers are commonly used in structural applications where high loads, vibrations, or dynamic forces are present. They are frequently used in construction, bridge building, heavy machinery, and other industries where the integrity of the connection is critical.

Direct Tension Indicator Washer

A DTI (Direct Tension Indicating) washer, is a specialized type of washer used in structural applications to provide a visual indication of the tension applied to a bolted joint. These washers are designed to assist in achieving and maintaining the desired tension or preload in high-strength bolted connections.T.DTI washers are commonly used in critical structural applications where maintaining the correct tension or preload in bolted connections is crucial. They are often found in construction, bridges, power generation facilities, and other industries that require precise load monitoring and control.DTI washers provide a convenient and visual method for monitoring the tension or preload in bolted connections, enhancing the reliability and safety of structural assemblies. By ensuring the correct tension, they help prevent issues such as joint separation, loosening, or failure due to inadequate preload.